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Expertly built websites for any sized project

Behind every website is a carefully orchestrated maze of code that comes together harmoniously to display the end result to the user. I aim to build websites that scale with your business as it grows and show your customers you care about the quality of your product and service.

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The quality of a website’s user experience is a reflection of how many hours the developer spends testing, tweaking and improving.

Easy and efficient to manage

Content Management System Integration

All websites I build are based around a content management system allowing you to modify content and handle the day-to-day running of your website. Whatever your content is – I can help structure and format it exactly how you would like, a level of customization that isn’t possible without hiring a developer. This makes the process of editing your site more streamlined and intuitive. The system is made for you, rather than you having to adapt to the system.

Quality Control & Testing

Optimized for Fast Load Times

Ensuring load times are fast is crucial for search engine optimization (SEO). By incorporating compression, automated image optimization and content delivery networks, your customers view your site immediately, no matter where they are in the world.

It goes without saying that a website should work on every device your users own. I test every website on various devices (tablets, phones and desktops) to make sure visitors are having the best experience possible.

Mobile sites that loaded in two seconds or less had a 15% higher conversion rate than the average mobile site. Google/Verto

The Best Technology for the Task

Tried & Trusted Platforms

Selecting the tools, technologies and platform for every site is a careful decision based on the nature of your business and the functionality that it will provide. I regularly use Craft CMS and Locomotive CMS for content based sites. Magento and Shopify for eCommerce store along with Ruby on Rails, Elixir and Go for web applications and more advanced “behind the scenes” tasks.

Whilst I have previously completed projects using WordPress, it isn't my go-to tool for most sites. All too often I see WordPress sites built using tens of plugins that are slow to load, difficult to maintain and a future update could break the site at any time. My priority is building robust and reliable websites that I'm proud to put my name to.

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