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I build bespoke ecommerce websites using industry leading systems, providing you with a platform that takes care of everything 24/7. My aim is making it easier and more streamlined for your customers to order from you.

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97% of consumers go online to research products and services locally
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Optimised to Convert

Reducing friction in the checkout process

Making it as easy and painless as possible for your customers to buy from you is the most important job for your online store. That's all it has to do. In practice this could be reducing your checkout process to a single step, or shaving off a fraction of a second on how fast your pages load.

I can help advise, implement and refine your online store so that it performs for your business.

Integrated with your business

Stock, Shipping or Order Management

Automate the mundane tasks in the management of your store and free you and your staff up to work on more important matters. I can build extensions to a variety of eCommerce platforms including Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce so that your internal processes happen automatically. This could be updating stock levels or feeding orders into an accounting system.

Perhaps you are already aware of some ecommerce platforms. There are hundreds, and as time moves on the list changes with some platforms becoming increasingly obsolete and others growing in popularity. The most important aspect is choosing a reliable platform, that is straightforward to use on a day-to-day basis and doesn’t hold you back. After all, it’s powering your online business.

Below are the industry-leading platforms I currently work with and recommend for my clients. Don't worry if the names below mean nothing to you... I would be pleased to discuss what might be a good fit for your online store, please give me a call.

Magento Development

Some of the biggest brands including Ford, Liverpool FC and Barbour, to name but a few, use Magento, along with millions of small and medium e-commerce companies around the globe. Its power and complexity make it the perfect fit for businesses serious about building a successful online store.

Shopify Development

I often recommend Shopify to businesses looking to start selling online for the first time or those who aren’t yet ready to jump in with both feet. I understand the logistical challenges that online selling presents, especially for businesses who are more used to a physical location, chatting with their customers across the counter.

Other Platforms

If your business already has an online store that you would like to improve I would be pleased to discuss how I can help.

Although not always my recommended systems, WooCommerce and Craft Commerce are both great platforms that fit well for certain businesses.

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Whether you are a small or large business, I would love to discuss your idea and help build something great

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