About Me

I have lived in the North Cotswolds area my entire life and throughout have been fascinated by computers and technology, creating websites for people and writing computer programs while I was still at school. I'm self taught and although I was offered a computer science place at university, the challenge of starting a business really appealed to me. I have been self-employed for 8 years now and haven't looked back.

My early clients came through word of mouth and most still do today, I have followed their business journeys and have formed many friendships in the process. Working with a wide range of companies is a fascinating experience. Understanding what makes their businesses tick and being able to participate in a positive way has made my job very rewarding.

In case you think I am permanently glued to my office computer, I'm a very keen golfer and try to play most weekends competitively. Perhaps not so often if it's raining! I'm also a big fan of ice hockey and Formula 1. I’m passionate about learning new things whether it's a new culinary dish or piece of ancient history.