The Rocksure Club

A private club for people with a passion to travel and who love to connect with other people of similar interests. Members can connect with each other via the Club Platform, sharing recommendations, joining ‘Circles’ of interest such as Wine, Arts, Music, Sailing and Wildlife.

Website Type

Web Application

Technologies Used

The Rocksure Club is a private club for people with a passion to travel and who love to connect with other people of similar interests. We discussed in detail the objectives of the project: building a social platform where users can both build a bespoke itinerary and discuss with other like-minded travellers. We launched the website in several phases in order to have the marketing site online before all itinerary planner components were ready to be rolled out live. I have worked with and handled all development related to the Rocksure Club website which incorporates the following features:

  • Property searching based on regions, experiences, rooms, price and other variables through an ElasticSearch database
  • Custom built content management system that neatly integrates with the data model of the application
  • An interactive drag-and-drop itinerary planner built using React where users can build an itinerary incorporating multiple destinations. It can be saved and restored as well as shared with other users
  • Dyanimc currency support which localizes all prices into the users local currency
  • Animated flipbook viewer which presents a virtual travel brochure to existing and prospective customers
  • Guest mode allowing prospective customers to use a limited version of the platform for a short time
We set out to provide an antidote to the internet of luxury travel by offering an indispensable source of travel and lifestyle ideas to like-minded individuals looking for focus and inspiration, not endless choice. No one on our team has less than ten years of experience. They are knowledgeable, well connected and focussed on offering trips that suit your needs from pure relaxation to the ultimate in experiential travel. We encourage our Members to share their own insights and ideas so that over time we build up a bank of private information that can enhance our itineraries and give our members access the most extraordinary opportunities.
A Private Members Club for travellers, wine-lovers and adventurers - an innovative experiential platform for those who love to travel.