Dr Laura Corr

Dr Laura Corr is a Consultant Cardiologist with practices in Harley Street and at the Chelsea Outpatient Centre. She is consulted and trusted by patients from all over the world. Many have very busy lifestyles and appreciate the privacy and confidentiality her practice provides.

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Since 2003, Dr Corr has run a large, successful independent practice in Harley Street covering over 7,000 patients internationally. The practice is focused on diagnosis and management of complex cases and the early diagnosis and prevention of cardiac disease, using advanced minimally invasive technology.

My aim with the site was to deliver a clean, authoritative and reassuring design that reflects Dr Laura's business, but also puts the mind of the viewer at ease, given that they may be researching a worrying health condition.

Chris is a highly talented programmer who combines technical skill with the creative ability to see what will work best visually in a website - a rare find. Moreover he is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
Dr Laura Corr