Your business is unique. It's many strengths and personality deserve to be presented to your clients in the best possible way, through design, content, performance and accessibility.

I first approached Chris to enquire about building a web site and I was straight away struck with his eye for detail and how he could very soon grasp the requirements of our business. Sonya Wood - Firs Garage
Chris is a rare breed of web designer who combines technical talent with an open mind and a personable attitude, working with him has not only been productive ‐ it’s been a pleasure. Mike Edwards - Movie Vortex

Web Development

The web is constantly evolving; responsive design and adapting a site to the many forms of input and screen sizes available is more important now than ever. Web design and development is so much more than just putting a web page together.

I have designed and built many sites, all with different purposes and thought processes. Hopefully I can help use this experience to benefit you and your business.

Frontend Development

I regularly use HTML, CSS and JS in all day to day work. Sass is my tool of choice for CSS preprocessing. I have experience with BackboneJS, AngularJS and ReactJS for the creation of 'pure JS' or more interactive web apps. Why not check out my blog for articles on my experiences with the above technologies.

Search Engine Optimization

I feel it is paramount to keep aware of the latest trends and current thinking in search engine optimization (SEO) so that I can advise and pass this on to my clients. Whilst it is difficult to make any guarantees when it comes to SEO, I pride myself on coming up with new suggestions and ideas to further the horizons of all sites I am involved with.

Backend Development

I have experience with a variety or frameworks and languages which all have their own pros and cons. I have extensively used Ruby with Rails or Sinatra, Go, NodeJS and Elixir over the last few years. Along with these technologies I also have experience with PHP and the various server administration tasks for setting up each technology stack.